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Chatline in Charlotte
Chatline in Charlotte

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Meeting And Greeting Singles In Charlotte

Are you burned out on online dating? Don’t worry. Meeting real singles in Charlotte can be a real riot.

If you’re a little anxious, remember, you can start slowly with a phone call to one of those singles party chatlines. They even have special party hotlines for adult teens. For those of you who aren’t up on the hottest hot spots and meet markets, here are the deets on some of the best places to meet singles in Charlotte:

Apartment Pools

Party Hotlines
Party Hotlines

According to online sources, Charlotte does not have a “swanky” public pool. That’s why the “big box apartments” that have pools and hot tubs have become choice summer hangouts. Most of them let residents to have two guests so even if you don’t live there, you can still get it if you know someone. For example, the pool at Wesley Village has been compared to a summer-long “frat party” complete with music, flip cup and beer pong. So dive in!

Chef Alyssa’s Speed Dating

Most cooking classes are heavily stocked with committed couples on a date night. (Why they prefer cooking in the kitchen as opposed to “cooking” elsewhere is another story.) Chef Alyssa puts a new spin on both cooking classes and speed dating by serving up a unique combo.
Her speed dating cooking class was specifically designed for singles. Learning how to cook is important for singles. Here you get to do that and meet new people at the same time.

Guys love girls that can cook and girls are impressed by guys who can cook. They also take pity on guys who try but are still clueless in the kitchen. Even if you destroy your dish you can score by simply offering to leave the cooking to the professionals and offering to take your classmate to dinner later on Friday night.

OMB Yoga on Tap

This is reportedly a class with “hundreds of people.” Odds are good you could find someone you’d like to get to know. While they do not encourage socializing during the actual hour-long class, this yoga class takes place at a brewery.

Teen Party Lines
Teen Party Lines

It’s held every Thursday night from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Olde Mecklenburg Brewery. While women may not find many single men in a traditional yoga class–unless they were there to check out the yoga pants–in this case people are encouraged to hangout after class for drinks. As one source puts it: you can have a brew “to retox after your detox” and even chat up the person on the yoga mat next to you.

Plaza Midwood Tuesday Night Ride

This is for more active singles that enjoy bicycling. The groups vary in size from dozens to hundreds, depending on the specific event. Most bike rides are 10 miles or under and include a new pit stop at a different bar or eatery each trip.

According to participants, when you are single, others tend to ride up next to you and start conversations. If you find anyone you like, you simply continue the chat over dinner or drinks when you stop. Rides are every Tuesday from 8 p.m. to about 10:30 p.m. Lights and helmets are required.

Walking’ The Dog

Finally, a reminder: It doesn’t matter where you are. Little kids and dogs are great people magnets. (Dogs, however, are easier to borrow than a cute, small, cooperative children who will call you “uncle” or “aunt”.)

You didn’t think anyone would advocate rushing to the shelter to adopt a dog just to get some tail, did you? On the other hand, if you are single and already have a dog, then going to dog parks is a great way of catching a canine-loving companion. You can even investigate a local start-up named Dogphrendly. They can fill you in on great places to play, stay and even dine with your dog.